Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The day started late and progressed slowly. Outside was grey, with gusts of rain swirling around. It was filled with simple things like chatting to a friend while cooking a late breakfast. A leisurely making of a salad, followed by the not so leisurely realisation that it was way past lunch, which led to scrambling to cook some garlicky prawns. All of this was rounded off by looking at each other and realising that neither of us had made it to the shower yet and it was time for Him to go back to bed.

This of course is how one ended up being in the shower lubed up with soap and being sodomised against the walls... once more.

Soon all of this will come to an end and it will be too cold to shower together and there will be less salad and more soups.

Winter is coming... and so is having to front up at work for another week. Unfortunately while one is in the almost distant future the other starts tomorrow L

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