Saturday, March 31, 2012

The training academy

Wandering the halls of Fet one came across a thread asking about where to send a slave for training. Looking at it one sat there slightly nonplussed. What the hell do you train a slave.... someone else's slave that is... in?  Sitting here clutching morning mouse one thought about us as a couple...

Coming into this relationship one had all of the traditional accomplishments; deportment, being a good cook, seamstress and quite capable of managing a house. Hell having renovated three of them for profit one is handier with a power tool than most. In addition to that one can chat about most things, have certificates in horticulture, three or four styles of massage and a degree that says one is at least capable of reading gibberish.

Of course as luck, being the perverse creature that she is, would have it one ended up with someone who doesn't notice if the place is tidy, hates being massaged (unless it is concentrated on one area), thinks gardens should be in a park in the city and is waiting for meals to come in a pill format... not that He would remember to take them unless they were plopped in his hand. In short most the one's accomplishments are utterly redundant.

The reason for this is simply that there is no one size fits all blue print for a slave. There is no universal recognised standard for slaves... whatever some would like you to believe. Training from what one can work out is largely teaching someone your preferences... which are highly individual.
Would this academy have some sort of drop down menu that you could tick?
Perhaps rather like a spa there is some sort of package where you can select certain things that interest you... though why would you miss out on all those opportunities to explore together?

All of these musings left one to wonder what is the one universal skill that a slave actually needs?

The only thing one can come up with is obedience. Even then some probably enjoy a certain lack of it. Peers around furtively and whispers 'cos otherwise one is so screwed...


Kitty - The Submissive Wife said...

A certain willingness to be flogged? Is that a skill?

Vixen B-Ab said...

obedience... hmmmm.... I think you and I missed that class

Master's piece said...

No... we just failed it :D