Sunday, March 18, 2012

Comings and goings

This morning He came home and somehow one ended up bent over the bench... Not sure how that happened to be honest. One minute we were discussing why the collar is causing so much neck trouble... the only thing one can come up with is that being finer it gets caught between the muscles (large amounts of time at work actually involve reaching up for things) and being lighter it floats rather than sitting on the neck... either way it is an ongoing issue.

The next minute one was bent over the bench while being held in place by the bloody collar, as He slid his fingers, first into the cunt for moisture and then into the arse, as one small slave squirmed and squeaked in protest. Then just as the arse was starting to relax and the sensation began to feel pleasurable, one was frog marched off into the bedroom, where one was hustled onto the bed arse up. To add insult to injury one was ordered to masturbate while He fucked one in the arse. An arse fucking that was done with enough enthusiasm on His part to make one squeak even louder. Then just as it was starting to feel quite promising He came...

That was how one ended up being taken to work horny, with an arse full of cum...
Life is full of unfair at times L

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