Friday, March 16, 2012


The lovely Histora wrote a great blog entry that is very hot and interesting. To be honest one doesn't quite get masochists, not being one that isn't too surprising. OK there are some masochistic tendencies that are quite specific, but... OK the body can sexualise pain, but there are some things it can't process into pleasure at all. Mutters that bloody wand being one of them L

Hot anal sex aside, what made the post interesting was her emotional responses to it. Now, one can understand how you can come to feel this way about sex, only too well... just want to say that upfront. What one can't imagine is having those sorts of feelings about sex... of any kind. Personally one has sex for the same reasons other people clean their teeth; it not only feels unbelievably good, but it has beneficial side effects.

Somewhere along the line a completely hedonistic view of sex developed. To the extent that a little more reservation might have been a good thing... you know, looking back. As an adult no friend was usually safe... come to think of it they weren't very safe when one was a teenager either. Part of the trouble was that one didn't really attach emotions to sex at all. Well occasionally boredom... that's a feeling... right?

Maybe what one needs to do is grow a few inhibitions... 
Sighs bet He won't agree to that idea J

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