Sunday, March 11, 2012

More tales from the other side

It had been a long, shitty week for the both of us, so after dinner and some TV we both tottered off for an early night. Actually one came in to find Him with the air-con on and the window and door open. You know air-con works better in a sealed room one enquired.
Actually it works fine like this just to cool it off quickly He replied. And I thought it might help remove some of the humidity that is making your hips so bad.
Oh that was thoughtful of you... wondering if it was code for because I am going to make them so much worse by having sex with you. See trust is utterly unnecessary in these relationships and highly over rated J

Anyway as one was fiddling with the TV controls the air-con was turned off and by the time one moved back up the bed He was out cold. So after watching TV for a short while and setting the timer on it, one snuggled down to sleep. To be honest after spending three days at work moving shelves and stock everything ached... the shoulders worse than the hips. None of this aided by the fact that the neck has developed a bit of a crick in it from not sleeping on the collar very well, might one add.

Just as one was drifting off a hand reached out to massage and tweak a nipple. Mmmm nice nipple... tweak, pull, tug... massage of breast. The hand was hot and heavy... and slightly sweaty. Reaching out one touched Him to find he was as hot as hell. You are burning up. Are you OK?
It's hot He replied.
It's not that hot.
OK I'm hot He muttered
Well one of us is sore. Is it OK to take of the collar?
The eyes snapped open to reveal a distrustful blue light. Why?
'Cos everything hurts and one would love to get some sleep and not be in pain absolutely everywhere.
Hmmm alright He said reluctantly.

Monday morning one comments that the shoulders are still as sore as.
He looks up, why is the collar off?
Umm one asked last night and you said OK.
He gives a blank stare obviously with no recollection of the night before... and even less trust in his eyes.

See the trust stuff... utterly unnecessary J