Thursday, March 1, 2012

The arrival

Well the new collar arrived today... just in the nick of time.
He held it up and said I think there is a problem. It looks awfully small.
No that's about right one replied, checking it against those that had gone before. Half an inch makes all the difference between turning the head and doing this (mimicked raising a bar) without having the air supply cut off. Oh and you fitting your hand in there and one small slave still breathing.
He looked vaguely dissatisfied at that last one L

Putting it on one realised why everyone always raves about the stealth collar. There wasn't room for so much as a hair in any of the joints and due to the closing screw being inset from the bottom, the top has a smooth almost unbroken line. It is a lovely bit of work and one can't recommend the maker more highly. There are emails to let you know that the order arrived, to let you know when it is being made and when it is posted. Honestly if a few more online companies were this efficient we would never use shops again.

The collar is lighter than the other ones and slightly finer being only 1/4 inch. Of course He didn't let one keep the rather pretty O rings that came with it... shame really... they looked rather dainty. Instead He made one put the heavier one that has been used since the beginning, saying I prefer it look like what it is. He would... he doesn't deal with the dickheads people one meets. Well He does in a way; he gets to laugh as one whines about them...



Anonymous said...

It is loverly!

Arianthe said...

I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

this is the same one that Master got for me. I love it!

obedience with grace said...

I love it! This is the same one that Master got me.