Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Only round here

As some of you know we live in the family home... in separate quarters of course. What separates our dwellings is a breezeway... so known because of the doors at either end that lets in the most fabulous breeze... it is a shared no man's land that we use to shove the odd unfortunate guest in.  Anyway one digresses...
Sharing domiciles like this has wins for both sides of the breezeways... but every once in a while it presents some unique situations.

The other day His mother came scampering down the hallway to ask if we had read the book "Fifty Shades of Grey". Apparently they (it is a trilogy) marched up the Times Best Seller list and she thought we might like it. We glance at each other and then at her looking somewhat askance. It's very racy she says, as though that explains why it's a must read. Ah huh we reply in a neutral tone of voice.
She mentions it in passing a few more times... persistence does run in the family.

Finally getting curious He finds a copy and proceeds to subject one to random comments...
At chapter two... think this is going to be a BDSM novel
It is and it is a really bad one
It's poorly written... floggers aren't feathery
They can be one pipes up tongue firmly planted in cheek
No one is that naive at 24
Oh great another generation being sold the idea that an emotionally distant, but rich man, is going to sweep them off their feet
You have to read this, it's really bad... wondering what one has done to warrant this punishment one smiles nervously while backing away

His mother pops back a few days later... I'm thinking about reading the book she announces
We look at each other and say nothing
It seems terribly salacious she giggles
It sounds like the new Peyton Place one commented somewhat dryly
That was well written He quips
It wasn't considered that at the time one shoots back. In fact it was considered drek of the first order... even though it too made it up the Times Best Seller list

A while later she comes back and says well the book isn't in the country yet, but I've ordered it and with that she sallies off...

We are left looking at each other...
Oh crap... L


Tara said...

My boss lady just ordered it too. I can't wait to bite my tongue everytime she tells me about it. She always wondered about my favorite "necklace" I have to wear every day. Oh Crap is right.

Master's piece said...

Yep... no good is going to come of this :(

Dina said...

Living, literally, next door and sashaying in whenever--I'm surprised she is still oblivious.

Master's piece said...

You know auntie always used to say there's none so blind as those that want to be... it also seems to apply to deafness as well :)