Sunday, April 21, 2013

Running is dangerous

There were the last vestiges of the migraine from hell this morning. So one did the sensible thing of hauling on running gear to go and see if the body could kick around some endorphins and mitigate some of it. Running is the least favourite past time... ever. That is mainly because one is still too heavy for it. When we think of running we think of a graceful gait like a gazelle, when in reality one looks and feels more like a large cart horse clumping along. Yet still one persists because it is so good for the lungs... if not the pride.

For the last few months one has been steadily working a two prong attack on the running thing. You need both stamina and speed to run well. So there have been timed runs to increase the endurance and laps to increase the explosive speed component. Now the longer timed runs are fine... if a little cart horseish. But the explosive speed is... well let's just say that the cart horse is going to fall prey very quickly shall we?

Today it finally came together on the laps. The body hit its stride and the run was magic. The legs and the breathing synced up, the endorphins flowed and that wonderful feeling of joy suffused everything. There was no pain... just peace and perfection...

Right up until one went home and managed to burn a finger on some oil in a pan
Quite badly too one suspects...
Not quite sure how badly 'cos there are still too many endorphins floating around, but the blister that is forming probably isn't a good sign
But the run was bliss J


Malcolm said...

It's good to hear that the carthorse is in view of becoming a slender, agile filly again. It can be done, I believe.

Years ago I tried running regularly. I hated it, never got to the endorphin stage, only to the how-soon-can-I-turn-back stage. Walking is fine but running is not for me.

ancilla_ksst said...

I used to run. I got the endorphins. I still can remember flying toward the finish line of a race and feeling like I was hardly part of the earth.

Then I got old and my knees went all to heck. Now I get my endorphins another way :).

Anonymous said...

Cart horse? Perhaps he should be getting you a sulky. Something like this one.

Sarah said...

Well now I know where my endorphins went. They skipped over to you ;)

Master's piece said...

Oh Malcolm... that stage has happened to us all :(

@ancilla_ksst Having seen and read about how you get your endorphins... yeah think one will stick to running :D

@st Think one might have got His as well... which might explain why one is doing this in the twilight years :/

@nzrubber Stop. helping. Though He does seem to enjoy your particular brand of assistance :(

Anonymous said...

It's nice to be appreciated :)