Thursday, April 25, 2013

The rough with the not very smooth

Today was Anzac Day here. A day where we remember those who served and died in assorted parts of the world. It is also a public holiday (one of the very few where virtually everything is shut) to facilitate those who wish to attend dawn services and marches around Australia and New Zealand. At least it is for some...

One member of this household works for an evil empire that never shuts, regardless of the occasion and needless to say He was miffed that one of us had the day off and it wasn't him. Thinking about it that might account for what transpired...
See He went to bed, had a little sex to put him to sleep and then one small slave trotted down the other end of the hallway to colour his mother's hair. It was a small price to pay for the Anzac biscuits.

That is the other tradition here... Anzac biscuits. And His mother makes the best ones ever... good enough to break the diet for... more than once. Fortunately she only makes them once a year... more than that our waists couldn't stand. In spite of all that gratitude one did grumble about having to go. Frankly, the idea of curling up next to Him for a nap was far more appealing.
Well you are more than welcome to come back and curl up here when you are finished He said
And really one small slave should have been alerted by that generosity of spirit...

Slipping quietly onto the bed an hour later one made small nesting motions... only to be pounced upon. Removing hot body parts off one's personage one small slave wriggled away. Only to realise He was actually awake. See normally He does that in his sleep... it's like a reflex. He senses a warm body and pounces. This time was different. Not only was He compos mentis but dangerous...

A mouth attached to a nipple and His fingers forced their way between thighs. Then before one had time to draw breath His cock was forced into one's mouth. Just long enough to get a good coating of saliva before one was hauled onto Him.
Dammit you are getting bigger with this weight loss (which as an aside is about 81 pounds in His case so far)
He thrust upwards a couple of times
He smirked
FFS! Smirking is not the correct response to your partner's pain
He carried on regardless until we were sated
One lay there afterwards hot, sweaty and no longer snoozy or snugly. He did not have the same problem, rolling over and going back into a deep sleep.



Sarah said...

81 pounds?! Impressive!
It always makes me chuckle when you end a post with "bastard." :)

Master's piece said...

It's an internal cry of rage and more respectful than arsehole ;)