Monday, September 16, 2013

All dressed up...

It was dinner time and waking from a short nap the perfect solution to the meal dilemma presented itself. Isn't it strange how the mind can have these perfect moments of clarity when waking from a short doze... really should spend more quality time on the couch. We can go to the tavern (where they helpfully label their food as gluten free), you can have some oysters while one indulges in a meal that won't cause hours of pain and then we can nip across the car park and pick up that pizza you are hankering for.  The simplicity of the plan was brilliant... which should have been a warning.

So we scampered around getting ready. This is to say that parts of the floor look like we have been burglarised, strewn with shoes and stockings as it is. It is a strange thing, but what works in the mind doesn't always look so good in reality. So several rejected shoe/ stocking combinations later we made it out the door looking casually hot.

Pulling into the car park we noticed that it was remarkably full for a Monday night. Not that there are a lot of dining options on a Monday night around here and it is the only one that actually marks its menu for those with food allergies. Wandering in we were greeted by someone's child in a uniform... gods wait staff are getting younger with every passing year... and informed that there was a special menu due to the kitchen being closed. It was more than closed, it was wrapped in plastic. They were doing a BBQ night instead. And there was us who had steak for lunch. Carnivore though one is two steaks in one day is a bit much.

Disgruntled we returned to the car to come home and confront the mess. Hungry, grumpy and faced with cupboards that were not a source of rich, fat ridden fare... well not for one small slave. He got his pizza. Even the consolation martini didn't help ease the mood. In fact it tasted meh... so much so that it was left unfinished.  

Sulks quietly while planning a more organised attack for next week... one that involves having a pantry that would rival Ratty's. 
Now all one has to do is find a way to keep Him out of it... what could go wrong?

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