Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cruel perpetrator

Dragging Him reluctantly off to the bedroom... well it was to help put on a doona cover, so that reluctance was understandable... we finished off one of those myriad of chores that get interspersed throughout a day. Bending over the snap closes, intent on trying to line the damn things up, one didn't hear Him sneak around the bed. Damn those silent feet... how can someone that tall be so freakishly quiet?

Thrusting one face down onto the bed, He stood holding one's legs apart with his thighs while his hand pinned one down by the nape of the neck
Get off! A statement that might, to the untrained ear, sound almost exactly like hmmphff! muffled as it was by the damn doona.
Unperturbed He carried on pinning one down as his knee spread one's legs further apart. Leaning His body weight on one small slave's struggling... and for all the good it was doing still protesting... form, he slid his finger first into the cunt and then into the arse.... probing it none too gently.

Then as suddenly as He had pounced, he let one go...


Neale Wolfson said...

Wait a sec, you complain when he pins you down, complains when he lets you up, bet you'd complain if he left you alone for a week. No wonder he just does what he wants with you. *grins*

Angel Blue said...

Yeah they do like to get us worked up and then leave us to our own devices dont they? LOL