Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Some people get bruises and some get impressive marks from their BDSM practices. What did one small slave get from last night? Oh nothing that you can see or point to. Not that it usually does much good. He denies being the cause of what are obviously finger prints in places that one just wouldn't leave them... at least not on oneself.

No, one small slave got the right elbow flaring up. A fact that one noticed when picking up a weight at the gym and realising that the tendonitis was bad. Mr Sympathy's response was to suggest that one shouldn't struggle as much.
Not struggle? The man was hitting attacking with slappy, owie things. What was one supposed to do; lie there? There is a reason that bondage was invented. It's to protect the abuser from people just like oneself.

The really annoying thing is that was the arm that one managed to get free from Satan's clutch.
You'd think that it would be more grateful than this.

You know we have a rule that the gym isn't allowed to interfere with our sex life. Really one is thinking that rule should work both ways...
That's reasonable...


ancilla_ksst said...

Last week Master had to explain to his physical therapist how he made his sore shoulder worse with THIS (demonstrates spanking motion) motion. It happens. Somehow I hurt my knee, but probably just some random bending thing, nothing interesting.

Special K said...

Hi! I just wanted to say that I've been an avid reader for almost a year now. Your blog was for a long time my only portal into this blogging community and instrumental in me deciding to start my own blog. Your product reviews are awesome!