Monday, September 30, 2013

A response to Him

It seems that someone... not mentioning a name... was aggrieved by yesterdays post. It was something about the selection criterion being too open or some such complaint. Apparently under that list He is an abuser and he doesn't' think that is fair as he goes to great lengths to preserve the delicate anal tissue.

So rather than get involved in some long winded argument discussion one thought it was more sensible to put the responses here...
For starters a pattern can be one in ten, one in one hundred or one in one thousand. Infrequency doesn't make it less of a pattern, just less pronounced.
Secondly soap does not count as a lube. It doesn't matter if the aforementioned soap says moisturising on its label nor does it matter if the soap makes things more slippery. Any probative value of the soap is outweighed by the sting and burn factor. Oh and cumming in the arse is not an act of mercy... before you go canting off down that street. And while we are on the topic of soap, offering to not use it next time puts you right back in the abuser camp.

Smirks this lube thing is a winner... there is no way around it that doesn't make them more of an abuser. It's not quite up there with the radical feminist theory that all men are rapists, but it's close J


Neale Wolfson said...

OK Mopsy,

A part of me wants to say maybe him becoming an abuser is a sacrifice he Has to make to make you feel like your in the right place.

If suddenly you were in a world where you were regularly treated too well, and NOT abused your whole life might soon be turned over.

So it's a sacrifice he must nobly make to make sure your world is perfect. Right?

Master's piece said...

"He gets me" was the reply... said with a dramatic gesture and a large smile. Shakes head... why must you encourage Him like that? :P