Thursday, September 5, 2013

Small mercies

Did you like the picture of the paddle I left up He enquired, as one pottered around the kitchen.
Um... that wasn't a paddle. That was a nasty looking boar bristle brush. It was a hair brush that came with its own cleaning system. Something that did make one wonder quietly if it would clean off epithelial cells... not that one said that thought out loud.

It's a paddle He asserted. They have probably been used like that for centuries...
There was a little mime of someone bent over His knee and being walloped. The whole thing was a bit too graphic for one small slave who had gravitated from the kitchen to the study. In fact one backed out quite smartly... before the pantomime became a live demo.
It's a hair brush

It's a paddle He argued. It would be perfect
Frankly at nearly two hundred dollars... it was on sale from its normal price of over three hundred dollars... one can't help but think that it should come with someone to do the job as well. Besides one small slave's arse doesn't deserve such riches...
Honest... beams quietly


ancilla_ksst said...

That is a lot of money for a hairbrush, or a paddle!

Master's piece said...

Indeed, but what else do you expect from a company with a name like Mason Pearson? :D