Sunday, September 15, 2013


Defining sexy is a bit like trying to define art. You know it when you see it and it is purely subjective. The thing is though that sexy can perk you right up. So feeling slightly shitty and with the dregs of the migraine hanging around one set off to find sexy in shoe form.

For some reason there is little in the way of sexy in the shoe collection. There is hot, but that is not the same thing. Besides the shopping centre offered good air-conditioning and food that one didn't have to cook, both very attractive features with the tail end of a migraine. So with a lighter step one set off on the quest...

Now the shoe gods must have been smiling 'cos one found sexy in the first go. Thinking about it maybe they were laughing. Finding the object of your lust first pop, when you had plans of spending a day, is kinda anticlimactic.
Anyway there was sexy first shop... well second... there might have been a dress shop first.

It is a strange and idiosyncratic thing, but in the shoe world sexy also seems to be synonymous with death defying height and a side of slightly crippling...
But one small slave found a way around that...
Meet version 2.0 found as one was leaving the centre...

See the cunning plan is turn up in hot, sexy and high and change out when people are too immersed in their lives to notice the shift in height. Probably the third drink? That may need some fine tuning, but there is the plan.
Mutters it is a plan, not symptomatic of a shoe problem as one cruel person suggested.

Now all one needs is a bag big enough to hide the ringers in and everything should be sweet
Eyes off the bag collection despairingly...  this plan might need a bit more shopping work.

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