Friday, September 6, 2013

Well we know what assume does

Bending over the kitchen bench... can't remember why exactly, but in hindsight it does seem a foolish choice of positions... one small slave was pinned down by an arm, as He pounced from nowhere. His free hand rained fiery blows upon the upturned arse until there were squeaks and squeals and rather a lot of squirming.
What was that for one enquired in an aggrieved tone
Well you assumed the position, He replied with a smirk
Only in your mind and your mind is a sick, fucked up place... said as there was some furious rubbing going on
My mind, He retorted with total equanimity, is the only mind that matters
Sighs hate it when He might have a point L
Opportunistic bastard! 

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Anonymous said...

This made me giggle :D