Saturday, September 21, 2013

How about it?

Sitting on the couch, clean and sore... a state not caused by Him for a change... one suggested he might like to hit the shower. It was getting late and frankly one really wanted to put on a load of washing and go to bed. Round here the water pressure is low; to the point that things have to be queued otherwise you stand under the shower head and very little actually comes out.
Want your back washed He offered, leering suggestively in one's direction
Umm... no. Frankly while one gets that you have no desire to be mah bitch, your prices are way above the market average. Far more than one is willing to pay on this evening.
He smirked in his whiskers and sauntered off... not dragging one along for a change.

Wonders quietly if this is the fabled slave training one hears of... 'cos if it is, it isn't half as hot as one was lead to believe.

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