Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The death of a quiet moment

Lying on the bed stretched out on the tummy one contemplated idle thoughts. He came in and snuggled up. We lay there for a few seconds as one became aware of the growing hard on that was pressing into one's thigh...
Contemplating doing bad things to a girl?
Oh you know, putting my cock in your arse... maybe a fist He replied as he nuzzled one's neck

The arse in question, which had been quite relaxed at that point desperately tried to clang shut at that last suggestion.
You are a bad, bad man. People have no idea about the constant threats one lives with.
You write a blog about it every day He replied. I think they have a very good idea.
Yeah, but they think you are funny...
He laughed quietly
... And they are wrong!


kaya said...

I love your blog. LOVE, I say. :)

ancilla_ksst said...

I love it too! I bet if we met him we'd not be surprised at all.

Arianthe said...

Priceless!!! You both crack me up!