Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One quiet night

There had been plans for the weekend. Of course that was how one found oneself rostered on at work for most of the day. So we thought we will make the most of what time we have. Let's go to a movie and pretend that we actually managed to spend some time together. Of course there wasn't a bloody thing on that we wanted to see.

We'll do something fun He said as he dropped one off at the coal face. In fact He said it twice. Out loud. You know, just in case the gods of malice didn't hear it the first time. So twice curse one scampered into work.

First the headache started, it was as hot as hell in there and then the shift got extended to the close of day. Of course He didn't get the messages and turned up at the appointed hour... the first one... and had to hang around at the music store... never a cheap proposition. What with one thing and another it was 9.30 before we crawled into bed. Well one of us did, the other one was still messing around on His computer.

Thinking it safe one turned to other girly rituals. He came in and there was some rummaging around and then before you could say, let alone spell, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious one small slave was shoved in that bloody bondage bar. May one just say that Velcro is still Satan's tool. Like so many great inventions it was perverted by some malign person into a tool of terror L

He then proceeded to apply the flogger, followed by one of those nasty quirt things (second picture down, third from the left) that hurt like hell. Particularly when aimed at upturned genitals...
You know strangely enough one realised that the flogger had been missed. Not the quirt, that toy needs to be lost quietly.
We really need to find more time for this stuff
Oh not the bondage bar, that needs to be lost in the same place as the quirt.
But the rest of the night was fun J


ancilla_ksst said...

It all sounds fun to me. The other day Master said "Hold still, or I'm getting the spreader bar". I did hold still, but I'm pretty sure my look was more "Oh please" that "Oh no!"

Master's piece said...

Oh so does this mean one could interest you in a lightly used quirt? Beams happily in relief... this is like finding a home for a kitten... only more satisfying :D