Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And reality lands, repeatedly

Let's see how today disappeared...
Woke up and had coffee while He slipped back to bed for a few hours
Went to the gym for the first run in nearly 8 weeks... that wasn't quite as traumatic as expected... though tomorrow may be a different story
Came home and cooked breakfast
Hung out a load of washing
Hunted around for the fabric for the next quilt
Cooked lunch
Went to get a gift for the new arrival at our vanillas and dropped it off; they had a baby girl on Friday
Went to get a couple of bras and saw that the traffic was backed up to a complete standstill for the return trip home
Slipped across to Chermside rather than face being stuck in that traffic and did a quick shop and had dinner
Did the grocery shop over there to give the traffic time to die down, which was partially successful
Made the run home
Did food prep for the week
Crawled into bed at about 10.30 for a small series of very good orgasms

And there endith this weekend. Next weekend doesn't look much quieter. What the fuck happened to our life? It didn't used to be this busy. He reckons where we went wrong was that we got out of bed. Life was much less hectic when we just stayed there.
Mutters His menopause plan is looking better by the second...


mc kitten said...

oh I second that. Getting up is definitely where you went wrong.

In fact, the other weekend, Husband and I were fantasising about being able to spend the day in bed one day, fucking and eating and sleeping and fucking again...

Rather than the round of housework and cooking and taxing to a myriad of sports clubs which is what actually took place...


one day!

Master's piece said...

@mc kitten You know fantasizing about lying in bed all day is a sure sign that you are an adult :(

ancilla_ksst said...

I'm not a grown up I'm not a grown up!!!

Dancing around....

I can't lie in bed at all in the morning. It is a struggle just to stay still and be Master's cuddle pillow sometimes.

But I do love afternoon naps.

Master's piece said...

Points to ancilla_ksst and whispers sooo adult... just in denial :)