Sunday, March 16, 2014

Killer rabbits

We spent late morning and the early afternoon in The Valley engaged in light conversation, with a couple of one small slaves work colleagues, while demolishing vast arrays of tempting treats in the form of Yum Cha. What is a person who is gluten intolerant doing engaging in this past time you may be wondering? Ah well one has discovered that green tea actually does act as a digestive aid just as they claim. So long as one drinks the tea, which one is rather fond of anyway, the gluten doesn't distress the body at all. That's right, the body that rejects medication because it has smidges of wheat, will happily digest Yum Cha including those sublime custard tarts one is so fond of.

Now normally one has nothing to do with work colleagues outside of work and He was reluctant to dine with other people regardless of their connection with one small slave. With typical Scorpio suspicion the range of negative reasoning included, but was not limited to; they might not eat things that I like and there is always issues when it comes to paying the bill...
As it turned out their tastes coincided with our own; perhaps a little too well as He had to share his pork buns. They also turned out to be good on the tooth so there were no issues with paying the bill either. No one felt like they were paying for someone else's excesses.
In fact the whole thing was pleasant and fulfilling... a sensation that lasted way past dinner time :)

As we were in The Valley we wandered up to Trash Monkey where this lovely dress lunged at one small slave. 

Isn't it lovely with its demure neckline, Peter Pan collar and petticoats and all those cute bunnies frolicking around with the roses?

Perhaps we should look a little closer at the fabric?


Not so demure now huh?
Whispers homicidal looking bunnies seem perfect for so many occasions ;)  


kaya said...

Please tell me you bought that dress!

Master's piece said...

Oh hells yeah... that's it sitting on the door at home. Its frills barely had time to squeak before beings stuffed into a bag and carried out of that shop :D

Unknown said...

oh I love Hell Bunny dresses! The cut is usually great too

Master's piece said...

@mc kitten Yes, unlike a lot of other companies that do vintage inspired clothing, they assume that you will have breasts and cut accordingly :)