Thursday, March 6, 2014

Redefining sexy

Today was spent in recovery. After being tag teamed by two conveners, made to roll play with stranger after stranger and... Actually that sounds quite hot when put like that. It wasn't but... Anyway three days of lectures and learning and, and, and, you get the idea, one small introvert was burnt out.

So the day was spent doing nothing, with the nose in a book while firmly shutting out the world. In fact one was so successful that one forgot to make the doctor's appointment. That was the only thing of the agenda. Turning to Him one asked if he could do it tomorrow.

What day do you want He asked
Oh Monday, Tuesday... we don't have any plans for next week
He came closer... way too close... and said well I do. I'm...
Don't say it out loud and jinx it one cut in
Stepping even closer He put his hands on one's hips, prising the cheeks apart while pressing himself firmly into the gap. He bent down and whispered...
Colin needs to complete his mission

That is so not sexy or funny. In any universe one cried.
He smirked
Look just because some people giggle at your antics on the blog doesn't make you funny
He smirked louder


Unknown said...

LOL (sorry but you have to admit it was Gold)

I can sympathise on the role play b..s. I wouldn't have lasted half a day.Extroverts seem to take way too much pleasure from inflicting pain on us introverts in the guise of training.

ancilla_ksst said...

Oh, and here I am pining to go to a role playing gathering with Scott and kaya and company this weekend. Of course, they don't make it too vanilla-ish, so I hear.

Master's piece said...

Et tu, Brute?
But you are right you can find sadists anywhere, if you look :(

Speaking of which ancilla_ksst... :D