Thursday, March 20, 2014

On Fet this week

There is the eternal question of "what does a slave get out of this?" Of course then the person launches into the usual twaddle about born to serve (which some may be... though one doubts that there is a gene for it as the original poster claims), the pleasure of serving their master and true slaves (again some may be... according to them). All of which neatly bypasses any debate, as it gets bogged down in semantics and the roar of laughter. The thing is though the question isn't a bad one, it just got lost in all that other crap.

Now speaking as someone who was not born to do anything like make someone happy, be pleasing and/ or serve another, which of course neatly sidesteps the whole being a twoo slave, one can't help but think that the poster is over thinking the whole thing. We are in a relationship. To us this means we get companionship, someone to test play games on, sex on tap, someone to share our life with and all the other reasons people get into relationships for.

The style of relationship means we bypass so much of the complicated give and take and the dreaded compromises that go with it. It's also relatively harmonious. There are clear boundaries, which admittedly one does like to slip a claw over now and again... just to keep in practise you understand. In other words this is a symbiotic, mutually beneficial relationship rather like any other successful relationship.

Honestly it's not that complicated and there isn't a whiff of twooness anywhere...
Mutters though He can be twooly annoying at times


Tamar said...

Have I told you just how much I adore your blog? lol This post is spot on perfect.

mc kitten said...

yes this!

ah, twoo slaves... I'll never be one of them, I don't walk a step behind him at all times and I open my own bottles and jars *rolls eyes just a little*

no that there's anything wrong with either of those things of course, just with the concept that if you don't do them then you're not 'in the club'.

It's like the whole 'if you haven't seen all the shows/read the books/slept in your cosplay costume then you're not a REAL fan' thing which is ridiculous and utter bullshit.

doingthebesthecan said...

Ain't that the truth. I have found that it does make it easier to navigate long term with a Dom and a Sub. Just makes those tricky conversations just a whole lot easier.