Saturday, March 22, 2014

This was a weird day

They happen like that sometimes; Days where all the action and drama is on the part of other people, rather than on oneself, where frankly it should be. After all this blog is about one small slave and yet life conspires to be surprisingly dull. Even the damn heart palpitations have stopped. Well that last one is no surprise, there is a doctor's appointment looming in the horizon.

The body wants to go back to the gym. It is going to take weeks to get back on the fitness wagon after nearly two months off. At the last visit one did enquire, ever so gently about a return, and both Himself and the doctor turned round in unison and said no in a most emphatic tone. Sometimes one does suspect that His coming to doctor's appointments is less than... shall we say optimal? Though the doctor seems to have adjusted to His presence... a little too well in this case. She actually flashed Him a grateful smile and then charged one for it along with everything else :(

Meh as they say "tomorrow is another day"...

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