Monday, March 24, 2014

Who then crashes back to reality

Hauling arse out of bed one set about coffee and breakfast, while ducking into the shower and working out what the hell to wear. This flurry was because it was the quilting groups 30th birthday and one was about to attend. Yes in between all that geekiness one small slave quilts.
Sobs never going to be one of the cool kids now

Anyway, it's been a while since one has been. Mostly because one hand quilts and the eye sight isn't what it was, but also because going on a Monday morning cuts into some of the time we spend together. In truth though one does miss it and after discussions with Him one is going to start attending again. Providing He doesn't miss out on his Monday morning pancakes... sighs those things are like albatrosses, delicious tasting albatrosses, but still...

Needless to say there was a quandary about what to wear. The average age in that club is 70 odd and, rather like going to church, it's wise not to turn up looking like their idea of a hooker. Unfortunately there isn't much in the wardrobe that isn't half way up to one's arse or accompanied by stripper shoes. In the end one located a knee length denim skirt and a t-shirt, but honestly one is going to have to get some conservative clothes that aren't too dressy if one is going to make it there on a regular basis :(

He winkled one out of there at 11.30 to do a quick shop and cook lunch before nipping off to the doctor's for the test results. Of course we waited nearly an hour before seeing her. Honestly, one is a little unclear as to why they make appointments there; they are never, ever on time. And then to add insult to injury they charge you for their valuable time rolls eyes

Anyhow the results are inconclusive. Yes the heart does kick off, but it is in excellent shape, the blood work is fine, the vitamin levels are what they should be and the hormones are still toddling along... so He doesn't need to get the handcuffs out yet. In fact the whole thing may have been caused by a virus. So the upshot is they will keep an eye on it and one is free to go back to the gym... yaay... although why one is so excited at the prospect of all that pain is quite beyond one

So there we are... 7 am to about 3 pm neatly taken care of. And that was before one had time to do all the boring domestic stuff. Honestly there are not enough hours in the day :(


ancilla_ksst said...

I'm glad to hear your heart is in excellent shape! I was worried.

Now I guess I just have to worry whether denim skirts say hooker to the older crowd... I guess with a midriff baring shirt and heels it would.

Master's piece said...

Oh they are quite progressive... some of them even wear shorts... long shorts but...
The joy of a hot climate is that the women are inclined to be a little more lax in clothing standards than their cool climate brethren :D

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