Monday, March 31, 2014


The day started with sex. Normally that would be a promising beginning, but it was 3.30 am and He had already woken one up at 1.30 am when he'd gotten up. Add to that it was 12.30 am when one had actually got to bed in the first place and it was... needless to say... a tired, surly slave that awoke at 6.30 am to begin the day officially. One who was way beyond the reaches of even the beloved bean might one add.

He on the other hand was chipper, relaxed (having started his sleep cycle at 7.30 the night before), horny and affectionate. Who wouldn't be on nearly 11 hours of sleep? In fact that affectionate attitude extended into the odd orgasm sent one's way and lots of cuddles and snuggles... not necessarily the nicest thing on  a hot day, but... There was even an almost sincere apology for the earliness of the wake up sex.
And before you all sit there going that's sweet, you need to understand it was an INTJ type apology... sorry for the fact that I didn't realise you got to bed late, but still it put me to sleep very nicely. All accompanied by that general smugness of everything being right in His world. A state that He is assured is the only one that counts.

Needless to say none of this actually improved the general disposition of the sleep deprived slave who was being love bombed in this manner. In fact when He slid past, touching and patting assorted slave parts saying I love you, one did point out that word didn't mean what He thought it meant. In fact keeping one deprived of sleep and all loved up was brain washing 101.

He turned and, without so much as a glimmer of guile, said but you won't care. And it will still work even if you know what is going on.
And that dear reader is why there are ethics committees to protect people. Some people are less than scrupulous about their techniques. 
Still the day of sex and orgasms and affection was very nice...
Crap it does still work...

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