Monday, March 10, 2014

Running out the door

Wallet   Check
Bag   Check
Water   Check
Sunglasses   Where the heck are they?   Check
Shove on shoes   Check
Butt plug in   Check
Knickers   Doesn't occur to one small slave. In fact it doesn't occur until stretched out on an examination table, wearing a shortish skirt, having electrodes attached to assorted body parts.
Seriously why does one never think of them? Other people seem to manage just fine.
Sighs how hard can it be?


kaya said...


Master's piece said...

And that right there is why you shouldn't be paddling in the SW group... too mean :P

Toni said...

Hi Masters Piece,

I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. I really enjoy it ,and find it quite informative. But, with this post I feel a little deflated, I feel a little more information is needed. Like, which plug was it, did the medical staff make any commits about your lack of undergarments?
Were you told you could wear undergarments?
And, most important, are You O.K.

Thank You

Master's piece said...

@Toni It was the Njoy. As to the knickers, well He likes lingerie, all lingerie. It's just that one never thinks to put them on.
As for how one is... we will see when the results come back. Though no doubt some of you will find things to chortle about in the near future :P