Tuesday, March 11, 2014


One small slave went to bed on a promise. Well it was more of a threat really. What else would you call someone mentioning...
Let's start this at the beginning. He went to bed unbelievably early. That means He was set to wake unbelievably early. Of course that means a lot of hours to fill in before the rest of the world... birds, the sun... gets up. So of course somewhere along the line His thoughts are going to turn to one small slave's recumbent form. See even sleeping isn't safe around here. Anyway, due to this situation one was expecting an early morning wake up call. The kind where you find yourself being pulled roughly to your knees before you can say coffee in a piteous tone.

You can imagine one's surprise at waking quite late in the morning... safe and dry and with modesty butt plug intact. Of course curiosity eventually won over common sense and one had to enquire as to the source of this good fortune...
I needed to go to the gym. I figured if I had sex with you it would erode all desire to exercise, was His somewhat surprising response
So wait. You chose exercise over sex?
He had the grace to look as shocked as one felt

Peeps out to see if the sky is about to fall or something...

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