Saturday, March 15, 2014

How to take over the world

Every once in a while Fet produces one of those special creatures... the ones that have the capacity to morph into legends in their own lifetime. Rather like Icarus they don on their feathers and shoot for the sky. In fact if you were to plot the trajectory of the latest one it goes something like this...

Step one: Appear out of nowhere appealing to people for information about being a master.
Step two: About a year later resurface with two or three subs in tow and kick off; as a master, mentor, BDSM practitioner and pro-dom that is part of a leather family and put on events.
Step three: Complete the transformation by getting into a few skirmishes on Fet boards. There really is no such thing as bad publicity.
Step four: Then clean up your act by going strangely quiet before applying for a job as a carebear. There doesn't need to be any hope of getting the job, hell you don't even need to be in the right country, but the application makes it seem as though you are very community minded while getting you some more publicity.
Step five: Announce that you are starting up your own ambitious project; a community BDSM Wiki. Of course then you have to announce, sadly, that you will have to retain control as other people have been less than supportive of your vision...
Ummm... that's code for you didn't like their reality or their insistence on injecting it into the Wiki

Now cynical, snarky, little no knickers over here can't help but think...
Being a douche should stop you from being able to do this, but it barely seems to slow him down. It is not going to stop him getting into the minds of all those new people who don't have a clue and have even less idea how to sort of the good from the criminally stupid. Rather like that guy and his 128 Rules... and he is legendary... his twatwaffle will go on to infect hundreds of people, that we on boards all over the world will have to deal with. It will be the stuff of... endless hours of entertainment one suspects.

It would be so nice if that trajectory could be helped to its natural conclusion and they would end up crashing and burning. Most of them do. Alas one can't help but think this will not be the case here...
Sighs sometimes they are too good at strapping on those wings


ancilla_ksst said...

That guy! Did you see his latest thing? Which was to have his sub write about she had all these horrible bad doms until he (whatshisface) came along and saved/fixed her? It was extremely touching, and I would have totally have believed it if I didn't know who she was writing about. I remain skeptical.

I have seen the same instant wonder phenomenon come up in the dog world. Someone with a lot of money comes in, buys a few trained dogs, trials all over the place, ruins the dogs, sets up a training school, attracts tons of newbie followers...etc. This can go one of two ways:
1. They acquire some humility and settle down to learn some things. 2. They fail spectacularly and burn out quickly.

Master's piece said...

Yes a "friend" did direct one to that piece of writing. She did have the grace to suggest one remove all items that were potentially dangerous to one small slave. Alas the body still managed to protest... without any external aids :(
Rather like you one remains skeptical, though it was interesting to note that so much of her positive response could be attributed to aftercare. And if one was cynical in nature phrases like love bombing would come to mind. It is a powerful tool in any hand... it's why cults are so fond of it.