Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And the wasted Wednesday

Here was the plan... Get up nice and early, despite the late night yesterday, and go to the gym. Do the grocery shopping, make a tasty lunch, make out, snooze and tidy up while He slept. That was the plan. The reality was more spend a lot of time in the bathroom while the body protested something that was eaten yesterday, followed by sleep. Rinse and repeat; for the rest of the day.

He was most sympathetic.

Then He went to bed only to be woken at about 5pm with his body doing a similar dance.

Tomorrows plan is something like this... Get up nice and early and go to the gym. Scamper round like a mad thing and do a quick grocery shop before being picked up by Him on his way home. Make breakfast and go to work.

Here endith the weekend L

Reality sucks!


MsSparkles said...

Feel better soon x

Storm said...

Reality really is a huge downer.
Hope next weekend is better!