Thursday, February 17, 2011


Standing in front of a stand, wondering what the hell the merchandiser was thinking when they had put some of the items back, a voice from behind says excuse me. It was in a tone that is almost guaranteed to get anyone’s hackles up. Smiling with teeth gently barred and an eyebrow raised in curiosity of both the question and the tone, one turned to greet the customer. She looks embarrassed and flummoxed.  I am so sorry she says obviously thrown. It’s just from behind you look 18.

Now let us pass on the obvious insult implied with that statement... and the fact that as always one’s arse has got us into more difficulty... and let us dwell on the content of that statement. It is OK to speak to people like that because of their age? You go around being a rude obnoxious cunt because people are young? And you wonder why people don't want to serve you? From your apology you obviously understand that your tone is unacceptable so why do it?

So for sales assistants everywhere one got a little revenge. She was charmed and graciously assisted into feeling younger. And her purse was much lighter for the experience might one add. Oh and sweetie... you absolutely can wear that bright metalic blue eye shadow  J  

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KellyRed said...

ROFL!!! I was in retail myself for 14 years. Piece, you are the bomb!!! I'd hire you in a second, if I was still a manager.