Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Free to do what...

Yes gentle readers the collar is off. Why you may be asking. Well in this climate, at this time of the year, it hits about 89% humidity and it is like walking around in a steam bath. Not quite raining, but there is a permanent mist all around you. Everything grows some little member of the fungus family including your leathers and skin (if you don’t keep on top of it) simply because it is moist the whole time. Now as a person one doesn’t have any reactions to any type of metal, but just as rings will give you a rash underneath them so will the collar.

So here one is... uncollared. And it is very freeing. There is no being grabbed by it, there is no sound of tinking, there is no weight reminding you continually, you can put on moisturiser unimpeded... it is bliss. Sighs in luxurious pleasure.
For those of you who lust after a locking collar one has compiled a little list of things to think about before one snaps around your neck and it is too late.
·         They are heavy; about 225gms (8oz)
·         When worn long term they will leave an indent on your neck just like a ring will
·         Some people can have an allergic reaction to the nickel components of the stainless steel
·         They get in the way of simple things like applying moisturiser
·         They need to come off for things like x-rays of anything above the nipples
·         They have to come off for MRIs
·         Yes a drop of glue in the locking mechanism is hot... getting the damn thing cut off is not
·         You will never be able to sneak anywhere ever again... without a lot of practise
·         They are way too easy to grab and people will not save you... don’t underestimate the Bystander effect
·         They are hot... But you can wear one in a sauna unlike silver
·         They mean that you can kiss off most of the contents of your jewellery box... you know how they always say take off one item before you go out the door? The collar is not that item L
·         The public has no boundaries and you will get every BDSM reference they can think of, and they think nothing of making a grab for the damn thing
·         In a subtropical/ tropical climate they can be miserable at certain times of the year

Viva la revolucion!


xantu said...

Enjoy your freedom while it lasts. I have a quarter inch stealth from ring of steel and suffer a little less. And it is temperate here... never too hot or too cold. Still waiting for anyone to make a comment about it, BDSM or whatever.

MsSparkles said...

Paging N to piece's blog.