Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The lost Tuesday

We got up at the crack of dawn... literally... to put the car in for a few bits. The air-con had gone again, it needed a new gear knob, and of course one deeply suspected it needed new brakes ‘cos one hasn’t been able to hear Him arrive home for a week or so now. There was also that small matter of a fuel smell that He couldn’t detect. He works with the stuff... like He is a reliable judge on that.

So we struggle an hour and a half through stand still traffic, of course our car would be a type that you can’t just drop off to the local mechanic, to get it to the outskirts of the city. For the record those of you who live in LA you might have bad congestion, but you haven’t seen anything until you travel our motorways. We drop it off and go on to the city by train. Life being what it is one of the train lines was down, and the train was about 20 mins late by the time we got there... not bad for a seven minute trip.

Now we love the city... being as we like rituals it is no surprise. We do breakfast in our favourite place. He does the geeky things like comic and gaming shops, while one enjoys the range of merchandise not available in the suburbs. Not to mention one can actually get bras in the right size. There was also the bi-annual visit to Peter Sheppard for one small shoephile.

If you click onto the new catalogue on page 22 you will see the object of one small slave’s lust. The Waldlaufer “Want” boots... in the most glorious amethyst purple leather and suede. They were a perfect fit, even fitted the orthotics. The heart went oh gods yes! The foot went no! Walks off sulking and muttering dire threats to that damn tumour... it’s got to die.

We took ourselves off to our traditional Yum cha where one was consoled with steamed dumplings, rounded off with the divine egg custard tarts. Might one just add that while the tummy was mollified the heart was not. We rounded the day off with a little more shopping and caught the train back to the mechanics, where we received the good news and the bad news.

Yes the air-con is fixed again. Yes the brakes did need doing. Yes there is a reason why one of us can smell gas... there is a crack in the fuel tank. It is booked in for next Monday. Maybe one can self torture and visit the boots again L

We then sped to the Bendon Outlet Shop to pick up a few sale items of lingerie and hit the motorway for the return trip. We arrived just in time to sling off bags, change clothes, rush to the supermarket and go out for the Tuesday RPG night. We did well... we even managed to completely generate characters for this game. Even if one of us did lose interest and slope off for a snooze on their couch...

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