Thursday, February 24, 2011

The safe call

No this is not a diatribe about the safe call... one’s views are well documented. Oh hell for the record; the only thing a safe call will guarantee is that the police might have a starting position to look for your body. Anyway back to this... and this is about natural disasters and family. Actually those two things do go together believe it or not.

In the family closet one has a baby sister and at about twenty years ones junior she is a baby. Now every family has a black sheep (one small slave) and although she gave one a run for the money, one came out victorious for that title. She matured into the responsible, socially accountable sheep family member... the one who rounds us up, insists on phoning during dinner and keeps us together via communication. Honestly she is exhausting to an introvert, and one has gone to great pains to try and explain to her why, if some horrible disaster should happen to one, it will be entirely her and her bloody chain letters that are at fault. Seriously who is one supposed to pass them on to?

She lives in Christchurch and as some of you know it has been flattened by a large earthquake. We were out on Tuesday when it hit, at Peter Sheppard’s to be precise, and we borrowed their computer to log onto Facebook (He has an account) to check that she was OK. Why you may be wondering? Well in times of natural disasters the baby updates her status to let everyone know she is OK. As one said she is the responsible one...

Personally one did no such thing when we were flooded out in this state. In fact one missed the “are you all right?” email from the family. And the phone has been out for ages due to the rain and humidity, which we haven’t bothered with as we don’t use it. No news is good news right? Apparently not and the baby sister decided that she was not going to be deterred by the absence of contact or the distance one iota.

The police turned up on the door step this morning to check on ones whereabouts. On the bright side one was home from work due to that upset tummy, otherwise one would no doubt have had to front up at their place to prove one was alive. Oh and one did send an email to the family thanking them for caring so much. Sighs and people wonder why one doesn’t have Fb... can you imagine what life would be like... hunted like a small furry animal.


Biddable said...

It's a good thing you're still there. It would have been perplexing for all of us if you had suddenly ceased to exist.

Master's piece said...

It wouldn't have been too good from this end either :(