Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crime and punishment

There is going to be pizza for dinner.
A voice call out from the study put the oven on. To which one replies (having just got off work and in a horizontal position on the couch) up you get. Pause. Slave put the oven on. Yes Master... off you go. Pause. So it is Zorbas (the most divine pizzas which unfortunately have soy in the bases and one is not allowed them often, if at all) for dinner then He asks. Pause. Ooooh, peers over the kitchen counter, the one with jalapeƱos on it one enquires hopefully. The look emanating from the study indicates that it is intended as a dinner for one.
The thought of their wonderful cheeses filling the place makes one twitch. The thought of watching Him eating it while nibbling on a salad tips one over the edge... fine putting on the oven L
Mutters this is so unfair... it’s not like one expected His half to have chilli on it and one even managed to skilfully fit in a yes Master as per the request. Honestly He is utterly unreasonable sometimes...

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