Monday, February 28, 2011

Rough with the smooth

This morning one was hauled out of a deep sleep by Him grabbing the collar and using it to pull one into a kneeling position. Grasping one by the hips He pushed his way into the vagina with small thrusting strokes. At this point one came to enough to point out helpfully that the alarm had been set for 5.30am. Well it is nearly that now He said punctuating his comment with a deep thrust that made one instinctively try to get away.

His response was to get a firmer hold and pummel the vagina into submission until He came with a particularly vicious final thrust. Disengaging himself He went to grab first shower, leaving one to dab ineffectually with a tissues while wondering how close it was to 5.30am. Finally the need to know drove one to pick up the clock and peer at the screen. He had been 10 minutes early and had robbed one of precious minutes of sleep... bastard!

We dropped off the car and proceeded into the city by train. On our way to breakfast, we got adventurous and went somewhere new, we discovered a lingerie shop that stocked larger sized bras. After one finally convinced the fitter that one was the requested size, one was shoved in and out of underwear by Him with her acting as his co-conspirator.  For the record even with air-con it was way too hot to be trying on bra after bra... and let us not mention corsets. Finally one was released from the fitting room and we carried on our way.

After breakfast we went to a wonderful bookshop that we assumed had disappeared, where He spent way too much money with gleeful enthusiasm and little regard to the sheer weight we would be lugging for the rest of the day. Later as we stopped for a rest and a drink one suggested we clean off the coffee table at home to hold His newly acquired "Private Collection". He peered over his drink in a mixture of bemusement and disbelief.

You mean like a coffee table book He enquired. Well yes, where else are we going to put that enormous heavy book one replied. You do get that the point of a coffee table book is to show it off to others He countered. Smiling a small vindictive smile, it was getting close to lunch and the blood sugar levels were probably getting low, one said well we can invite our vanillas over to see it. Of course it means you are going to have to let her touch it...
This is probably a good moment to point out that there are people you should never lend books to. She is one of those people; she is a turner of corners, a breaker of spines, a folder, a creaser and these sins are often committed with greasy licked little fingers. Even at RPG night she gets her own PDF copy of things or the book is held at a safe distance from her reach.
He blanched at the possibility and the conversation turned to the location of lunch... a much safer topic J

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