Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Odds and ends

At the gym the other day one was watching a rather muscular bloke training his particularly slender companion. He drops to the floor near a stack of 20 kg weights and says now put one of those on my back while I do the push ups. She looks at the weights nonplussed turns to him and says I can’t lift those in a clear whine. Well how about those he says pointing to the 10kg stack. No, she says... I can lift those she offers helpfully pointing to the 5kg. For one malicious moment the image sprang to one’s mind of him looking to all the world like a human ladybird ... covered in 5kg spots.

Oh and speaking of muscles; for those of you who have such a keen interest in the welfare of a certain bit of anatomy... it is still not happy. In fact when He asked when it was going to be operational one replied never. So tomorrow He chirps. No, like as in never again. You know... no. So we are doing rape fantasies now? Stalking out of the room one didn’t deign to reply. The voice sings out from the bedroom- I can be into that.

Sighs...  the moral here gentle reader is choose your partner wisely.

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