Thursday, February 10, 2011

On your back

He came home, the clink of the gate alerting one to his arrival. Scampering from behind the computer one slid into a kneeling position near the front door, just in time to greet Him and remove his shoes. Damn that car must be due for a service... it’s running way too quiet. His face had the quietly shattered look of someone who is not well and still unable to get enough oxygen... and withdrawing from a massive Pepsi Max habit to boot.

No beatings today it would seem... which is why it seemed pertinent to enquire if there was compounding interest on this moratorium ‘cos it seemed too good to be true. His face crinkled into a smile as one was informed that indeed that was the case. Sighs it seems so horribly unfair... only one of us is out of action and she is the one getting punished. Oh that’s right... He has the big M so...

Instead one got to offer a small orifice for His pleasure, so lubed up one scampered to the bedroom. Walking into the room He said touch yourself. He stood there near the doorway watching as one spread open and slid a finger along a wet clit. Touch yourself. Put two fingers in it. Touch your breasts. The commands were fired across as the whim took Him. It is a strange and slightly alienating experience to have your body used for someone else’s entertainment like that.

Finally He moved to the bedside as one begged him to be fucked. As one went to roll over He said stay on your back, and grabbing a pillow He pushed it under the hips to raise them to a more convenient angle. Moving one’s legs over his shoulder He manoeuvred himself into his favourite hole. Despite Him moving slowly one let out a yelp... that position is always hurts. He stopped for a minute to let the muscles adjust and one braced against the headboard as He resumed his penetration.

Put your fingers in your cunt He said. As one did this He started to fuck in a slow rhythm. A hand reached down and squeezed a nipple with a vice like grip. How is it that He always manages to hurt them in a way one can never do. Of course that pinch set things in motion and one begged to come. He smiled and said no. Unfortunately He also pinched even harder at that point. Too late, one groaned, as the orgasm rose over all the different types of pain and surged through the body.

Later as we lay there one realised it was time to get ready for work. A fact one bemoaned out loud. He laughed and reached for his beloved doona.

The bastard L

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Donna said...

I love your writing style. Look forward to it every day. Thanks for the smiles.