Wednesday, February 9, 2011


A cautionary tale for Dina’s entertainment...
Yesterday the plumber came back. He was here last week because we have ongoing issues with tree roots getting in the plumbing, and eventually the pipes block up and everything has to be snaked out. In addition to needing its annual snaking, the toilet had been making a funny noise when it was flushed... it was the sound you normally hear when you flush a plane toilet. A sort of whooshing sound and half the water disappeared. Apparently what usually causes that noise is one of those toilet fresheners going AWOL in the system, but in this case it was... you guessed it... more tree roots.
This time he was here so that we could get a new toilet installed because the other one had a mysterious crack in it. Oh, not that we didn’t know what caused it... more that it was a large, hard to explain one. There really is no delicate way to say well the x-large rosebud butt plug was in the overhead towel rack, and one forgot it was there and hauled a towel down... and it came too. That was the first crack.
It got much larger the other day when one nipped in to use the facilities (while cooking breakfast), peed and underestimated how much force the body bears down with. The damn njoy shot out like a steel missile and managed to hit the same spot. The crack grew... in a rather alarming manner. The toilet also started to leak... just a little. We took it as a sign from the great plumber in the sky and coughed up for a new one.  All the while looking incredibly vague as to what might have caused the damage.
The moral of this story is that not only is it much safer to pee in a bowl, but that you should hold on to the damn things... they really are slippery little suckers :(
May one just take a moment to also point out that this property doesn’t have a single tree on it...


Dina said...


I am, most certainly, amused; ta. :D

kaya said...


~note to self: Hold on tight when peeing~

Anonymous said...

Ah, the joys of home ownership.