Saturday, February 26, 2011

On the road again

There is a discussion on Fet (in the group) at the moment about owning things and it has veered along the issue of pets as a side bar. Questions were raised about whether pets were welcome in the beginning and who owns them in the unlikely event of the dissolution of the relationship.
May one just take a minute to categorically and unequivocally state for the record;
He gets the cat.

There will be no mysterious boxes sent with or to one small slave.

Also the cast iron frog doorstop is going with... That is non-negotiable.
Thank you


lil said...


Biddable said...

I've often wondered (quite theoretically) what would become of our menagerie should we split. I can only surmise that the two brother cats would go with one of us and the female and the rabbit would go with the other.

Although really, so long as he's not cruel enough to take the kettle, I'll survive.

Master's piece said...

You can take life and liberty... just not the kettle. Spoken like a twoo tea addict :D

Biddable said...

Cutlery and crockery are optional. The kettle is not.