Monday, February 7, 2011

Ruffling feathers

The electrician turned up bright and early to put up the new fan. It looks rather like a large insect flying around, until you realise the blades are made of a wire that is reminiscent of a fishing rod and they have a sail attached to them. It produces the most wonderful breeze and is whisper quiet. See some American companies still produce awesome products, and Hunter is one of them.

When he left there was time for an assortment of meals and we made plans to go to a movie. Seizing an opening, one of us scampered off to bed for a snooze... growing muscle is a serious business. At some stage He must have slipped out leaving one with the worst shows in history and at a volume that was hard to ignore... one kept surfacing to hear snippets... and got glimmerings of why He had left. Though why He hadn’t changed the channel or lowered the volume remains a mystery... one of us is not a bit deaf. Grumble, grumble.

He woke one up by pouncing on one small recumbent form and licking skilfully until one had a nasty, quick little orgasm... they always feel like they are coming out of the back of the head. It is like they don’t get time to come out where they should and just choose the nearest exit. Leaving the bed hastily in case there was more to come, one staggered to the kitchen in search of a caffeine pick up... actually maybe there is method in His madness... it did get one up rather than drifting off repeatedly. After a hasty shower, one threw on some clothes and we were off... to see “Black Swan”.

Now this is a movie that has polarised audiences... mainly one suspects because it is Art House and got a commercial release. To be honest it is more one of those movies that is on the cusp... It is not arty enough for the AH aficionados’ and it is too gritty for the commercial audiences. Nevertheless it is superb, if somewhat confronting and bloody. The only other complaint is that in the dance sequences Natalie Portman has elbows. Do you know after nearly 38 years one can still hear the dance mistress saying dancers don’t have elbows... it is scary the stuff that gets stuck in the back of the mind.

The other complication was that He insisted on carrying out sneak attacks during the movie. You would be entranced and suddenly a hand would be up your skirt while you were pinned in the chair. He was being deliberately annoying because He could... it was like going to the movies with an octopus. One that dealt out three more of those quick little orgasms while one was trying to watch the movie. Honestly He could have done it during the blood scenes when one would have welcomed the distraction, but oh no... That’s not how it works at all.



Dina said...

I was rather on the fence about the movie, but after this post of yours decided to watch it. All I can say is that you need gagging because all I've seemed to be concentrating on were the damn elbows, and they were really, and I mean really, bugging me! :(

Master's piece said...