Saturday, April 23, 2011

Back in the saddle... again

Well it has been a break from butt plugs and butt sex. Of course all holidays must end and this one did the other night. With far more force than necessary might one add. Mutters and that last little playful poke at it was just downright painful.

Yesterday He replaced the large njoy with himself. It kinda put things back in perspective, as one was reamed with enthusiasm. When He was finished it was patted affectionately, and He commented that it was getting so much easier that it was time to look at the 2.0 more seriously.

He decided that the 2.0 needed to spend more time out of its satin lined box, and more time where it was intended for last week. Of course illness got in the way of that plan. What one hadn't realised was that He was considering it instead of the large njoy. As in for long term wear... o.0

Now that 2.0 is the bane of ones existence. Not only is it heavy, but it is huge. The handle is too long and you can't sit comfortably, and the sheer size of it means that gas build up is an issue, even with the vents. There is a reason that one is always trying to palm it off to some other victim lucky recipient.

Despite the issues He is convinced that the body will adjust. He believes given enough practise it will be no worse than the large njoy, which is currently making that poor little orifice feel like it is on fire as we speak. Besides it will make getting the Eleven in there easier 'cos last time He couldn't get the big end in.

Oh yes people, He is doing all of this for one small slave to make her life easier. Stop sniggering you miserable bitches. Do you honestly think your owners will stop at the large? This will be you... just you wait and see.


Dina said...

Um, is that the "Eleven" featured in the video? Don't tell me you, guys, have that wrench. I mean, it's like half an arm!

Master's piece said...

The one and the same :D