Thursday, April 7, 2011


How’s your arse today He enquired solicitously. Um tender, thank you for asking. Oh good let’s see if we can improve on that He replied, propelling one directly to the bedroom.  Flopping on the bed next to him, one wondered what vile thing He had in mind. He rolled over between one’s thighs and proceeded to lick one very gently, but firmly.

The mind sighed with relief... oral sex is always a great pleasure. A hand snaked up and grabbed a breast. The tongue applied more pressure as the fingers bit into the nipple. The body started to race towards an orgasm. And then He really started to apply pressure and a vicious twist. The orgasm faltered and He applied more pressure with the tongue. The body started to spiral upwards as He got more aggressive and the pain made one mute. Unable to cry out or call uncle or even ask for permission to come, the orgasm came in a roar of sound as the voice finally escaped. He kept licking and twisting, making the orgasm go on and on.

Finally He stopped, grabbed ones legs over his shoulders and thrust into the still pulsating cunt. He reached down and grabbed the nipples making one cry out and beg for mercy. He slammed in harder and harder until we came spiralling along a simultaneous orgasm.

Laying there after one asked if we could have a hand signal to ask for an orgasm, as the voice doesn’t seem up to the job at times. Perhaps one could wave a tissue... sort of like a white flag. He laughed. Failing that could we close the windows before doing this shit because the neighbours must have heard the screams for miles.

And damn it the nipples are starting to feel sore... really freaking sore. And so is the cunt.

And worst of all one has to go to work



littlemonkey said...

something to remember him by...

I always know when we've forgotten to close the window when I hear the music and videogame sounds from the frathouse next door go quiet.

Dina said...

Are you sure you aren't a Jew? Complaining about everything, especially the good things, is our trademark after all. ;)

Master's piece said...

Hobbit was... maybe it rubbed off? ;)

Dina said...

Hrm. Well.Since you were at a young and impressionable age--sure. :)

Malcolm said...

There have been times here when the neighbours may have thought we were killing a pig