Thursday, April 14, 2011

Here we are

Still wonky and still nursing the computer system. One of us is on the mend though, while one of us has been replaced. Guess who? Smirks in victorious relief. The new system will be here on Tuesday and it is a beast.

Mind you so was this one in its day. Unfortunately with computers you are only as good as your performance now, unlike humans where we are inclined to give a little more latitude. Well if we have intimate dealings with them. There does seem to be to be less forgiveness the larger the organisation they are part of.

Anyway while the computer is operational one is going to include a quick pic of something unrelated. This one is dedicated to the njoy wearers in our midst. He has decided that on our days off the 2.0 needs to spend more time out of its decorative satin lined box and in somewhere more receptive L

1 comment:

Malcolm said...

So you managed to "decorate" this post, though Tuesday is still some way off?