Saturday, April 16, 2011


According to the doctor one was supposed to be on the road to recovery by now. To be honest one begs to differ. Now how one can tell this is very simple... today was the first cup of coffee in four days. That is the longest one has ever been without coffee since the age of 11, when one first flouted family tradition to follow the path of the bean.

See all the family, in true British style, are tea drinkers. Tea is the panacea for all things that ail you. It is used in sickness and in health, and times of shock and extreme emotional stress. The answer to everything is I’ll just put the kettle on and warm the pot. In fact the only time one never saw it proffered for some trauma was the time grandma turned to mother, slapped a large dollop of neat cooking brandy in a glass and shoved it at her with the immortal words... get this down you and try to act like the lady you think you are. Yeah the tart tongue runs in the family L

Anyway one digresses from the path of the bean... It has been a long and fruitful addiction. And make no mistake it is an addiction. When you find yourself rinsing out a jar of instant coffee with hot tap water to give you enough of a boost to get out a door... you have a problem. In one’s defence it is an addiction one keeps to one or two cups a day. Nevertheless without that coffee; mornings aren’t pretty.

So there one was with the much anticipated inaugural cup in hand, and it tasted bad. It sort of listed around in the stomach in an alarming manner as well. On the bright side, the couple of mouthfuls one did get down have got rid of that rather nasty little headache, which has accompanied one for the last few days. That alone made the whole thing worthwhile J

Suitably girded one went forth to work, which was like a war zone in the lead up to Easter. The air is rich with the smell of chocolate, which everyone assures one small slave is like the most intoxicating thing ever. To be honest one remains unconvinced and remained that way until escaping to the safety of the bus for the return trip home. Which is where one received this text from Him... Where is the Imodium?

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lil said...

That's when you know illness is trying to take you out--when it interferes with your coffee intake. Absolutely brutal.