Sunday, April 3, 2011

Creative idea #4

From the man that brought you the other ideas, there is now The Cult of the Bunny

Coming home from work one plopped down and gained possession of the good computer to catch up with some of your blogs. Of course with that owner radar, the one that always knows when you are up to something that they can interrupt, He woke up. And proceeded to chirp His way through any attempts one was making to read. It seems watching Angelina Jolie in movies makes women depressed and there is an alarming trend towards women feeling depressed after sex. Well that last one is no great surprise. After promising that AJ only ever made one happy and that sex was absolutely awesome, with no tendency towards making one depressed (quite the opposite in fact), He moved on to his latest idea.

He thinks that a bunny cult would be a good idea. As He said it is no more stupid than Gor... why does spell check keep rejecting that word when it accepts Klingon... and there are a lot of similarities. They both have a print medium... and you have to admit that one is no less vapid than the other. In fact the bunny’s even had their own manual which would end the tiresome debates that so many seem to get bogged down in about the right way to do things. They both involve the subjugation of women and a rich fantasy life with costumes. And more importantly they both have poses to learn.

It seems when you were a bunny you had to learn the bunny walk, the bunny stance, the bunny perch, the bunny dip for serving and on and on it went. Now you have to picture these poses being done by a big naked man who has just woken up, to appreciate how distracting and annoying all of this was. He proceeded to wax lyrical for what seemed an eternity with this latest idea. Things about having your slave greet you in the correct costume in the correct pose, how a pose could be morphed into one for taking off shoes... you are getting the idea.

Oh and He already has some of the original playboy club ashtrays so décor is not a problem L

You have inspired Him... Thank you, each and every one of you.

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Dina said...

"...Now you have to picture these poses being done by a big naked man who has just woken up..."