Friday, April 15, 2011

Negotiations without hope

Lying in bed together, one is on the mend; He turns around and says you owe me for a heck of a lot of sex. This is how you plan on keeping one forever isn’t it? It is sort of a debt creation scheme and one will spend the rest of our life paying it off. You do know other owners look after their slaves when they are sick... you know pamper them and feed them, rather than toting up how much sex they have lost? He looked at one in mild disbelief... Scorpio... they look at everything that way L

He carried on... I think I will tie you up with your arse conveniently positioned so that I can cum in it repeatedly. Just wander in, cum in it and then go back to what I was doing, until I feel the need to use it again. Um, when that is coming off the debt does that count as once or multiple times? Oh no, that is just off the interest. Interest! Honestly one suspects it would be cheaper to deal with a loan shark than Him.


Claire said...

My ex is a Scorpio.

He had all the typical Scorpio attributes, but absolutely no insight.

I don't miss him a bit.

Ms D

xantu said...

Perhaps this economic system had some degree of reciprocity... perhaps you shared some of your germs as a good faith down payment.

lil said...

Lol, it's a faulty banking system about which I have filed multiple complaints and in typical fashion, only succeeded in raising the ridiculously high cost of interest.

Master's piece said...

Dear xantu,
Took your advice... Don't think it has strengthened the position at all. In fact rather the reverse one fears :(