Monday, April 11, 2011


We went out for a quick dash to the city to pick up a garter belt that had arrived. It is a strange fact, but these days the lingerie is better travelled than the owner... that little item had come from England. The land of the girl with breasts and subsequently the greatest supplier one has. Bless you all and your busty genes.

Of course one wanted to saunter in at a reasonable hour and He wanted to get in and out. Knowing the way to motivate one small, and frankly surly before caffeine slave, He pulled out the big guns. A promise of breakfast at a cafe that makes the best coffee in town, and more importantly... can do it on lactose free milk. He has no shame when it comes to motivational tools that man.

So there we are settled in with some of the slowest service in the history of service, when some bloody little man started up with his whipper-snipper. Dear gods two stroke anything should be banned before 10.30am... it sets every nerve on fire. Eventually food did turn up along with the twoo nectar of the gods... coffee.

Hobbit always used to say that there is no such thing as a free lunch... that man was a good student of human nature. And really one should have known better... after 14 years you would hope. So when, after the last sip was taken, one was propelled out of the coffee towards the end of the wharf, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that it was not in aid of one’s digestion.

Now, one should explain here that the wharves are part of a development for the cruise liners when they come in. It is a precinct that has in addition to customs, has boutiques, an art house cinema, restaurants, coffee shops and luxury apartments... all overlooking you guessed it... where we were. Which is of course why He decided to extract the price of breakfast by whipping out a camera and issuing an order to lift up one’s top. Damn coffee is getting expensive L


littlemonkey said...

He has to stop making you post these photos, piece. Great skin, luscious curves, smart, snarky attitude, all wrapped in gorgeous undies... I'm either falling in love, or jealous.

Malcolm said...

Lifting your top is a high price? If I could get coffee by lifting my top I'd do it any day.

I like coffee very much, too. Every morning at 7 I walk into town and have coffee in Jollibee's, where the service is the fastest in the history of service. Because I go every day, I have only to appear in the doorway and the girl is moving to pour out my coffee, and that's even if there are several people in front of me in the queue. The tray with coffee and pancakes is waiting for me before I have even decided exactly how to pay and whether I need to change a large bill (the cost is the equivalent of $1.23 and the coffee is good.) Frankly, I am amazed at the successful way this Filipino company trains its staff, even at the most stressful times (like lunch time) they are ready to smile and be patient with picky customers while there are thirty others waiting in line. The café is very popular and it's no wonder.