Monday, April 11, 2011

For Malcolm

First just let one say the name Master’s piece is a bit of a play on words as one is His creation in many ways, and of course He is a gaming geek so there is that gaming terminology in there as well. It is also an objectification thing... one is a piece of meat, a piece of arse. Well His at any rate. Everyone just calls one piece or Mp, except Him... then it is usually slave. Unless we are in public and then one always has to look around to see who He is talking to  J

Now on to the other question- what one thinks is going to happen when one dies?

Well one would have to say the flip answer is anything other than auntie’s armchair reunion theory. She believes/d we will all be reunited in heaven when we die so we can catch up. Her reunion theory used to send cold shivers and still does to this day. The very thought of being reunited with family is rather akin to one of Dante’s outer rings. Not to mention the logistics of getting all those chairs in one place...

The more serious answer is one is not sure anymore. To be honest for a person who was always hell bent on dying young, one is not even sure one wants to die anymore... the whole damn life thing seems so short. And one wants this life, not some other life in the future. How’s that for the directional cussedness of woman?

Many religions believe in reincarnation... and one is not sure one actually wants to come back. The idea that we move onto some other plane of existence has appeal. Something new is always good... a new way to explore existence that is not limited to a physical thing would be wonderful. So at this stage the Buddhist belief in a stream of consciousness would seem the more preferable to the idea of a soul. The trouble is that they offer what... six realms... most of them unpleasant. Sighs maybe like that, but with better options?

So how about the rest of you... what do you hope happens when you die?


Mockingbird said...

I believe in reincarnation! I think after we die we go to a place of rest until our souls are ready for another life.

I sort of hope it is not like your Aunt's vision. I don't want to see my family after I die I see them enough alive.

lil said...

Hmmm, I have done quite a bit of thinking on the subject since my father died.
I kind of think we get what we need and expect--you know, something we can process related to the beliefs we held in life. And then when we are done there, assuming we have more to learn from the world (which I think it's safe to say, a great many of us do), then we come back and try again.
Though of course, belief is not always compatible with hope lol. I would hope that whatever it is, I would get to be with the people I loved when I was alive.

Malcolm said...

I feel very honoured that something I have said deserved a post all to itself! piece or Mp, ok, that will have to do for now, though in fact I don't like it much, too impersonal.

After Death
I hope I'm not repeating myself here - I don't remember exactly what I may have said on this subject recently.

During his life, my father never spoke about what might happen when you die - except when he himself was about to die. He had been very close to his sister, two years younger than him, who had died shortly before, and he told my mother that he had seen his sister, and that she was waiting for him.

As for me, in the last year or two I have come more and more to the view that the universe is more mysterious than anyone has even supposed yet. For one thing, recent consciousness research has been coming round to the view that what we see "out there" is what we create from moment to moment; in fact, there is no "out there", it's all "in here". If this applies here in this life, there seems no reason to suppose it doesn't apply in whatever life we experience after "death." As I wrote in a recent post, I have no evidence that anything exists outside what I perceive, and what I perceive is all inside me. I'm a cine projector, and my world is what I project.

I know this is way outside the standard view, but I have no problem with that as I have always found the standard view of most matters very unconvincing.

So after this life I expect to experience what I am expecting to experience. This doesn't sound very helpful, does it?

Dina said...

Sounds to me like lil's and Malcolm's ideas are the exact same idea, stated in different words. But anyway.

I can't believe you are actually asking this question, piece, knowing who are some of your subscribers!

My belief, overall, is a gathering of several "conventional" beliefs on this matter, with a bit of a twist. That's the best way I can put it.

Like lil and Malcolm, for example, I believe that your afterlife is what you expect it to be or, rather, believe in your heart of hearts it is--truly and unquestionably belive, mind you. And that you get this in a way you, personally, are able to comprehend and process.

Alongside that, I also believe in souls and in reincarnation--in my "Theory of Everything" one doesn't exclude the other. Ironically, I also believe in "heaven" and "hell", although not quite like it is believed in conventionally. I more see them as two different paths leading to the exact same final destination, which is--for the lack of a better term--"godhood".

And, finally, I believe that we all have our "individual circles of souls" we travel with throughout ... everything. If I'm right in that--good for me, not so much for you, piece, I'm afraid. Although, at least you'll have L&L there to keep you company in misery. ;)

I know that all these concepts, separately, put like that together--make no sense. I promise that they do, once sifted through the prism of my overall concept of "How Everything Works". I just don't think I can yet coherently explain it all in a short description, but--funnily--I can say that I agree with Malcolm in regards to there not being "out there". With one little stipulation. The "in here" is much, much larger and consists of the entire multiverse--a conscious and aware one, at that.

Master's piece said...

@Dina why ever not... you even managed to keep it concise :P

Dina said...

Yes, and concise was not my friend, in this case, because I don't think I've actually explained anything (you bratty cunt, you :P).