Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The little things

On social networking sites the things that cause the most misunderstandings are the things you least expect. They are the things that make you go blink. The things that would seem so self evident that you shouldn’t have to spell them out. Well they should be, but often aren’t. And more often than not it is your profile that causes the greatest misunderstandings.

He likes to exhibit one and immortalise every little whim... and He has a few... in photos. He enjoys everything about his hobby... the idea, the taking of the shot, the cleaning of the image, the trying of different filters, the tinkering, the learning new techniques and mostly the displaying of them in semi-public places. For a person who is very Scorpio and has no concept of sharing, He likes to share them. It gives Him a buzz... a thrill if you would. His kink is exhibitionism... just not of himself.

Now every time a new pic goes up on the profile there is a new bit of mail. Sometimes it is a random friends request which one doesn’t get at all... you get on the friends list because you have interesting things to say or you think one small slave does. That or you follow the blog and like to see what else is going on. The other exception is that we actually you know... weird idea... chat to each other. Either way at some stage it is going to involve dropping a line before hand.

Other times it is a charming offer of sexual gratification... mainly theirs one has noticed. Now these people are a whole different subset of people. First off who looks at a profile that says owned, blissfully happy and with no mention of play... actually says monogamous... and thinks today I am going to get lucky. Now, one does understand the idea that if you ask enough people someone is going to say yes, but dude... not this slave. You can ask Him though ‘cos his profile clearly states that He is not monogamous. Strange how He never gets sent offers.... maybe we need to shove a few shots of him up J


Dina said...

Yes, yes--you really NEED to!!!

Master's piece said...

You know occasionally one suspects you don't always have one's best interest at heart.

Dina said...

Bah! Nonsense. It's not like anyone would ever get to him but you. ;)